Give your teeth a hug!

Easier brushing

Superbrush hugs the teeth and guide itself along the row of teeth. With short gentle “scrubbing” movements even a young child can master toothbrushing.

Better brushing

As Superbrush hugs the teeth all sides of teeth are cleaned equally well. The bristles are precisely angled in 45° towards the gumline to ensure proper cleaning along the gumline.

How to brush with Superbrush?

Effective brushing

As Superbrush cleans all sides of teeth at the same time you make more efficient use of your normal brushing time.

How long do you brush your teeth?

Scientific studies have shown that most people spend no more than 1 minute brushing their teeth – whereas dentists and hygienists recommend 2-3 minutes. Using Superbrush you brush the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of teeth at the same time! You therefore make more efficient use of your normal toothbrushing time. Superbrush guides itself along the teeth and cleans effectively your teeth while you use short “scrubbing” movements. The gumline is automatically cleaned in the correct 45° angle at the same time.

Are your child reluctant to brush her teeth? 

Children are often reluctant to brush their teeth, but Superbrush has proven to make it easier. More effect of the toothbrushing routine is achieved in less time. As the Superbrush hugs the teeth, it is easier to control the toothbrush and achieve a good toothbrushing effect on all sides of teeth. The good thing is that it is all done at the same time.

As the brushing method is easy to learn and master they can learn from early age. Building good habits from early age are essential to ensure they develop lifelong healthy habits and maintain their oral health into adulthood.

Superbrush Child(0-6 yrs) has been awarded twice through "Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures" presented by the International Association for Pediatric Dentists.