Superbrush - the original

Superbrush is developed to enable more people to perform proper daily oral care

  • cleans all three surfaces of the teeth simultaneously
  • inside of the teeth is cleaned as thoroughly as the outside
  • directs itself along the teeth as the brush hugs the teeth
  • spreads the fluoride in the toothpaste evenly to all surfaces
  • cleans thouroughly along the gum line as the bristles are precisely angled
  • cleans significantly more in the time spent brushing than a conventional brush
  • easy to use and proven to be very effective
  • easier for carers to brush on others
  • soft bristles

Studies at university clinics in many countries show significant results. t prevents buildup of plaque and improves gingival health. Better oral health improves your general health. 

Superbrush comes in 3 different sizes : 

Superbrush Regular
From 12 years

Superbrush Compact
From 6-12 years or for adults with smaller teeth. 

Superbrush Child
From 0-6 years for primary teeth.

Superbrush has proven to be partiucularly effective for this age group. Several studies at independendt cliinics shown superior results for children both when they brush themselves and when their parents brush their teeth.

Children are often reluctant to brush their teeth, but Superbrush has proven to make it easier. More effect of the cleaning is achieved in less time. As the brush hugs the teeth, it is easier to control the brush and achieve a good cleaning effect on all sides of teeth and it is done at the same time. The child does not need to open the mouth as high as with a conventional toothbrush and this is an advantage when struggling to perform the cleaning.

Superbrush Child has been awarded by the International Assosication for Pediatric Dentists.