Give your teeth a hug!

Developed to enable more people to perform proper daily oral care


A concept that simplifies and improves oral hygiene.

Helps parents clean the teeth of their children properly.

Enables children to clean their teeth at an early age.

Cleans 3 surfaces of the teeth at the same time.

Cleans all 3 surfaces equally well.

Less time required for adequate cleaning.

Clinically documented. International awards.




Superbrush 1
0-6 years

Superbrush has proven to be partiucularly effective for this age group. Several studies at
independent university clinics around the world have shown superior results.
Children are often reluctant to brush their teeth, but Superbrush has proven to make it
easier. As Superbrush hugs the teeth, it is easier to achieve a good toothbrushing effect on
all sides of teeth. And it is all done at the same time.
Adults can thereby brush their children’s teeth with greater ease and efficiency.
Children themselves learn the Superbrush brushing method very easy.
Building good habits from early age are essential to ensure they develop lifelong healthy
habits and maintain their oral health into adulthood.

Superbrush 2
6-11 years

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Superbrush 3
12 +  years

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