Dr. Barman - The innovator of Superbrush,

a unique toothbrush that enable more people to perform proper daily oral care


It is easier to change the products than to change people's behaviour. By improving the products and simplifying the methods, more people will be able to perform daily oral self care.

Dr. Rolf Barman was born in a family of dentists. He got his dental education at L'Ecole Dentaire de Paris Diploma Chirurgie Dentaire in 1955 and dental degree from the Norwegian Dental School in Oslo 1956. He has more than 40 years of experience from municipal clinics and his own private clinic. Two of his children are also dentists.

He has over the years developed several products that improves and simplify oral hygiene. The product that has got most attention world wide is Dr. Barman's Superbrush.

Dr. Barman's first industrial project was Sanodent Interdental Woodsticks. As only a minor part of the population used dental floss, he wanted to develop a dental woodstick with a shape and quality to make interdental cleaning easier to perform. It was the first double ended woodstick with a triangular cross-section on the market and was quickly a great success. Sanodent a.s. produced for Oral-B as privat brand and the company was later aquired by Oral-B/Gillette and than by Jordan A.S.

His latest project has been in the pet market. Dr. Rolf Barman has developed together with leading veterinaries in Norway, a double headed toothbrush for pets. It was introduced on the market in 2002 through the company Petosan a.s.


  • Norwegian Dental Association
  • FDI Wold Dental Federation
  • IAPD International Association of Paedric Dentistry
  • Affiliate member of SSP Scandinavian Society of Periodontlogy and the ADA American Dental Association

True innovation challenges existing thought.

Crosses barriers. Breaks rules.